Thursday, April 25, 2013

Popular Questions Answered!

Q. How many scoops of Pink Zebra© Sprinkles are there in a jar/carton?
A. The amount of scoops can vary a bit due to some of the actual Sprinkles being different sizes....a jar will net approximately 12-13....there are 4.25 jars in a carton so you can get approx. 50-55 scoops from a carton....A scoop is the equivalent to a tablespoon.

Q. How long does 1 tablespoon/scoop of sprinkles last?
A.  Approximately 38-40 hours.

Q. Will our sprinkles work with a Scentsy© warmer?
A.  Yes, they will definitely work in your Scentsy© warmer, although they’re made to be the most potent in Pink Zebra© warmers and Simmering Lights, so we cannot guarantee the “throw” extension will be as far with a Scentsy© warmer.  I personally have tested the two and my Simmering Light throws the scent through my entire upstairs, whereas a Scentsy© warmer stayed mainly in the kitchen area where I had it plugged in.

Q.  Will our sprinkles melt in a Scentsy© plug-in
A.  Yes, but please see the previous response.

Q.  How does scent work in the home?  What makes it stronger in my house versus someone else’s?
A.  See my blog entry “Making Sense of your Scents

Q.  Is there formaldehyde in Pink Zebra© Sprinkles?
A.  No.

Q.  Are the oils used to make Pink Zebra© Sprinkles essential or synthetic?
A.  Pink Zebra© Sprinkles may contain both essential and synthetic oils.

Q.  Do I need to throw out my scent after the 38-40 hours when I can't smell it as strongly?
A.  No.  There is no need to throw them out because all you need to do with Pink Zebra© Sprinkles, is add a few more to freshen it up!  This will save you a lot of money!

Q.  If I don't have a warmer, do I have to buy one from you?
A.  No.  You can make your own candle with our sprinkles or freshen up an existing candle.  Please visit my webpage and click on "Glimmer Candle Kits" for more information.

Q.  How do I remove the Sprinkles from my warmer if I want to change out my scent?
A.  Easy!  Just pop the warmer top with the Sprinkles into the fridge once cooled for 5-10 minutes.  Take it out and push slightly on one side of the soy wax and it will pop right out!  I keep mine in a baggie for when I'm ready to go back to that particular scent.

Q.  How do I know what recipes to make with the Sprinkles?
A.  Follow me on Pinterest for many amazing recipes!  You can also visit my Sprinkles Recipe page here on my blog.


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